All Alpine

(Parking and foot brake)

WARNING: It is both ILLEGAL and DANGEROUS to watch videos from the front seat while vehicle is in motion. This product is for offroad and show use only and is not intended to be used otherwise.



(Replacement pin and wire instead of having to relocate any wires on your harness)

All Dual

(Triple Pulse bypass)

ALL Jensen

( Multi-Pulse bypass)

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ALL Clarion

( Multi-Pulse bypass)

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All Pioneer AVH and APPRadio 2 & 3

(Triple Pulse bypass)

Secure Checkout through Paypal Parking Brake Bypass Video Lockout Override w/ LED Check Light

No more toggle switches or applying the parking brake to watch video, dvds, input navigation directions, use bluetooth, and more!! You're looking at the newest in technology that is programmed down to the thousandth of a second for EXTREME accuracy. DO not be fooled into thinking that the old relay trick, or just permanently grounding the parking brake wire will work anymore on  most 2013 and newer radios. Aftermarket radios are getting harder and harder to bypass and CANNOT BE DONE WITH A SIMPLE RELAY. With this new bypass, timing is EVERYTHING!!! Several seconds of delay and multiple ground pulses at the rights points in time are needed in order to accurately bypass the parking brake feature on most new radios. GUARANTEED TO WORK OR YOUR MONEY BACK NO QUESTIONS ASKED!!! DIYBypass is compatible with all 2015, 2016, 2017 and earlier Pioneer models.  Also works with Clarion, Jensen, Appradio, Kenwood & JVC.

The double pulse bypass for Pioneer will work with all AVH models including but not limited to AVH-X1700S AVH-X2700BS AVH-X3700BHS AVH-X4700BS AVH-X5700BHS AVH-X6700DVD AVH-X7700BT AVH-X1600DVD AVH-X2600BT AVH-X3600BHS AVH-X4600BHS AVH-X5600BHS AVH-4000NEX AVH-P8400BH AVH-X1500DVD AVH-X2500BT AVH-X3500BHS AVH-X4500BT AVH-X5500BHS AVH-X6500DVD AVH-X7500BT AVH-X8500BHS AppRadio 2 SPH-DA100 SPH-DA110 Appradio 3 SPH-DA210 AVH-P1400DVD AVH-P2400BT AVH-P3400BH AVH-P4400BH AVH-P4450BT AVH-P4050DVD AVH-P7800DVD AVH-P7900DVD AVH-P5050DVD AVH-P5950DVD AVH-P6550DVD AVH-P7550DVD AVH-P5750DVD AVH-P6050DVD AVH-6850DVD AVH-P7950DVD AVH-P3100DVD AVH-P3450DVD AVH-P4000DVD AVH-P4100DVD AVH-P4900DVD AVH-P5000DVD AVH-P5400DVD AVH-P5300DVD AVH-P5900DVD AVH-P6000DVD AVH-P6400CD AVH-P6400R AVH-P6500DVD AVH-P6600DVD AVH-P6800DVD AVH-P7500DVD AVIC-U220 AVIC-U250 MVH-P8300BT MVH-P7300 AVH-P6300BT AVH-P4300DVD AVH-P3300DVD AVH-P3300BT AVH-P2300DVD AVH-P5100DVD AVH-P5700DVD AVH-5200BT AVH-P5200DVD AVH-P4200DVD AVH-P3200BT AVH-P3200DVD AVH-X391BHS AVH-190DVD AVH-X490BS  AVH-X390BS AVH-X491BHS  AVH-4201NEX  AVH-X1800S AVH-291BT AVH-290BT MVH-AV290BT AVH-X7800BT AVH-X6800DVD AVH-X5800BHS AVH-X4800BS AVH-X3800BHS AVH-X2800BS AVH-280BT AVH-180DVD

Unsure if the bypass works with your model?  Just ask!